Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions:

** please be aware that all advertisment (ads) will appear in the Awsan IOS and Android application and will not appear in Awsan website 
1) - The website and the application of the Awsan is a medium of communication between the seller, the producer and the customer
2) - Awsan is committed to advertise and to publish the advertisement that is agreed upon, following the conditions that are agreed between the two parties
3) - The advertiser takes full responsibility in case there are any legal infractions or other infractions in the advertisement and Awsan is not responsible
4) - The advertiser is not allowed to advertise or to market for any type of the products that are in relation with drugs, alcoholic beverages, weapons or any illicit and illegal substances with all its types and kinds.
5) - The advertiser is not allowed to advertise anything that does abuse to Islam or to other religions. He is not allowed as well to advertise things that harm people, companies, or other societies.
6) - The advertiser is very responsible about what he advertises in front of the legal and security services in the country where he advertised or any other country that has to do with the advertisement.
7) - The advertiser has to respect the laws and the rules of the country where he advertises and he has to be aware of the rules and laws of advertising in that country.
8)- The Awsan can remove the ads in case they contain any abuse or legal infraction, without going back to the advertiser or letting him know that the ad has been removed.
9) - In case of conflict or disagreement between the Awsan and the advertiser, the litigation is done in front of the Kuwaiti judiciary only.
10) - The Awsan market can make the necessary updates of the system, the prices as well as all the contents. It can also make the reparations and the updates without noticing the advertiser in advance.
11) - It is not allowed to advertise in the name of another company or another person, except with a permission and the advertiser will be responsible for that.
12)- The Awsan can ban or prohibit any one or organism that advertises something that is abusing or harming and the advertiser cannot ask the restitution of any sums of money that are paid for the illegal ads or the ads that were prepaid, because of the banning and the prohibition, even if they are not yet published.
13) - In case the advertiser has paid the value of the advertisement or has bought advertising packages, he can not get back any money that was paid
14)- Advertisements and bouquets have special details that the advertiser has to review before advertising, so as to know the prices, the technique and procedure of advertising, as well as the subscription to the bouquets.
15) - When registering to the application or website of Awsan, the advertiser is said to be agreeing about all the terms and conditions and consenting to them.
16) - The Awsan imposes some rules in order to complete the registration process. For instance, to put the real name, the phone number, the e-mail, to complete the registration, or else, the registration is aborted.
17) - In case there is any technical problem when paying, the advertiser has to contact the competent responsible in relation with financial affairs, since the Awsan application does not have any responsibility within this process, unless it is proved that the problem is within the competency of the Awsan.
18) - The Awsan is for publishing and advertising ads that are linked to the ads, the offers of companies, factories, establishments, commercial shops and shops in general and no personal ads can be integrated within.
19) - In case of presenting false information from the part of the advertiser, his advertisement is aborted and cancelled and he is not allowed to advertise again in the Awsan  As well, he cannot ask for getting back any sums of money that have been paid.
20) - All the rights of design and publishing are the property of the website and the application of the Awsan and they cannot be copied or falsified. Thus, anyone doing illicit acts in this regard will be in frontf taking charge for his acts with the competent authorities in the country.
21. in case of an ad that is contrary to the conditions , the ad will be deleted and the advertiser is not allowed to get his money back
22) - All the advertisements are the property of the Awsan  once they appear in the application or website of Awsan. This latter has the right to manage them without any approved permission from the advertiser.
23 ) awsanem means the website and applications of www.awsanem.com and awsan advertising company.

24- In case of the failure of the site or applications of Awsan due to any reason for a period of more than 7 days, the advertiser is eligible to claim the value of his unpublished advertisements and advertisements of less than 15 days ago. And Advertiser is not eligible to claim any refund other than the value paid for those ads. Also, the advertiser can not claim value of Ads more than 15 days old and can not ask for refund.
Price and package provisions :


** please you must be aware that all advertisment (ads) will appear in the Awsan IOS and Android application and will not appear in Awsan website

1. The VIP ad will be displayed in the website and application interface when it is opened and before the application enters and for only 24 hours from the announcement that the ad is uploaded at the hourly rate: 00:00 am and after 24 hours it will remove to company file
2-Normal announcement is 1 photo ad or visual used within 30 days of purchase date.
6-All announcements appear in the latest announcements list up to 50 ads by latest or 30 days and then transfer the advertisement to the advertised company file
 7. All ads after 60-days  are removed from the website and application of Awsan .

8.The advertiser must make sure the dimensions of the ad image and the size of the advertising video before publication and Awsan is not responsible for the failure of the publishing process if the image size or video imbalance .